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Mcleod & Sons plumbing is one of Melbourne’s longest standing plumbing business serving the south east and inner Melbourne suburbs for over 97 years.
Our service focus is one of trust and commitment that all your plumbing needs will be addressed promptly and professionally.
We provide specialist plumbing services: property management, retail, commercial real-estate & body corporate We offer 24 x 7 emergency plumbing service.

We are a family owned business which was first established in Melbourne in 1922 and has been providing specialist plumbing services for over 90 years. We have the latest equipment and technologies to continue to offer the specialist servicing and plumbing expertise to our customers, ensuring our clients are informed and satisfied is our priority.
Our primary areas of expertise are in servicing the plumbing requirements for property maintenance, real-estate, body corporate and insurance companies. We also provide the same expertise directly to owners of domestic, commercial and industrial properties.

Fully Licenced

Our licensed plumbers are professional , reliable , punctual and work within current OH&S standards


Our office staff have extensive experience and will keep you across the job and provide detailed reporting


When our work is complete, there will be no need to clean up after we have completed our work


We provide emergency plumbing 24/7 to all Melbourne south east and Bayside suburbs. We treat all emergencies with utmost priority and provide immediate response and work to ensure disruption to business or personal circumstance is minimised. Our approach to all emergency plumbing calls is to make safe and report back to you the most effective means of repair.

Mcleod & Sons Plumbing provide expert plumbing assistance and advice for all domestic and commercial plumbing requirements. We service large and small factories, shops and offices and comply with OH&S standards.

Mcleod & Sons Plumbing have over 90 years experience in servicing, property management via body corporate and real-estate agents. Understanding the needs of body corporate and real-estate agents is our speciality; we work within your time frames and liaise with tenants for site access. We keep detailed records of all jobs with digital photos so if we ever need to revisit a property we are able to call up the job history and review previous works carried out. Our commitment is to provide plumbing expertise by our trusted experienced team, and we work with you to build long term partnerships based on trust and integrity.

Our portable water jet cleaning system forces 5,000 pounds of water pressure through a nozzle that is designed to propel a hose through drain lines. This powerful and effective tool will break up and remove tree roots, sludge and other debris lining the walls of your drain lines and helps improve and maintain your system’s performance. Water jet cleaning will help to avoid future blockages.

Our team of licensed plumbers have extensive experience in all storm water repairs and maintenance, ranging from minor repairs to complete system replacement. Our high pressure jet cleaning equipment allows for efficiently clearing blockages.

Water leaks from burst pipes are becoming more common as buildings age.
Mcleod and sons are experts in repairing and replacing damaged or burst pipes, whether they are under or above ground. All job sites are left clean and returned to its original state.We have experience and equipment to efficiently locate pipe leaks underground, and in walls. We also specialise in renewing water supply to commercial properties including the repair and replacement of fire services.

A common plumbing problem for domestic, commercial and industrial properties is sewer blockages these are not only inconvenient not to mention smelly, but also require urgent attention. We place priority on all sewer blockages, we use specialised drain cleaning equipment, and cctv to address, analyse and locate the specific blockage problem . A detailed report and dvd is provided on completion of the drain clean.

Detecting a leak can be very simple in most cases, however some leaks are harder to trace and require specialist equipment and plumbing expertise to locate and identify. Mcleod & Sons Plumbing have over 90 years plumbing experience in leak detection. We use the latest digital equipment to locate the leak and rectify the problem. Detecting leaks early on will not only save you unnecessary water wastage, it could prevent the issue from becoming significantly bigger.

Mcleod & Sons Plumbing are fully insured and experienced licensed gas fitters. We provide plumbing expertise for all gas related plumbing needs, such as maintaining, installing or replacing hot water services, repair or replacing gas heating systems, and maintenance or replacement of gas cooking appliances. We offer safety gas checks and comprehensive carbon-monoxide testing on appliances. We provide immediate response to gas leaks to ensure safety of personnel and property.

Mcleod & Sons Plumbing specialises all types of roofing and guttering including roof replacements and repairs of guttering, downpipes and flashing. We provide the highest quality service using quality materials. We provide utmost priority to all roof repairs/ leaks to minimise potential internal damage. We also offer a routine regular gutter and drain cleaning service.

Mcleod & Sons Plumbing works closely with builders and architects for all domestic, commercial and industrial renovations and extensions. Wether it is updating your bath room or renovating an entire house or expanding an industrial factory (please see customer testimonials) we have the expertise and man power to deliver beyond our clients expectations. We will work with you if you have a tight budget and offer alternatives. We are constantly aware of time frames and dependencies of other tradespeople and work collaboratively to ensure your project is delivered on time and budget.

We Work with you and insurance companies to address all insurance plumbing needs and provide a detailed report and quotation to submit to the insurer on your behalf.



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